Taiwanese American Doctor Now Lives in His Garage To Protect His Family from COVID-19

A Taiwanese American pulmonary and critical care specialist who is fighting in the frontline against the COVID-19 outbreak has made a voluntary decision to live in his garage in a tent to prevent his family members from contracting the virus.

Dr. Timmy Cheng made the decision to live in his garage on March 14, according to his public Facebook post.

In his post, Cheng said he lived inside his car for day one and transferred in the hospital’s call room where he lived for four days. Then on the fifth day, he received a message from his wife and suggested the idea to live in a tent in their garage.

“So, here it is,” he said in the post that contains several pictures of his tent. “My home for the next __???__ weeks or months.”

He then continued to advised people to stay inside their home during this pandemic not just to keep themselves from being infected, but also help those fighting on the frontline.

“You can help me and other healthcare workers become un-homeless by STAYING HOME. JUST DO IT,” Cheng said. “Nobody is too cool to stay home. Nobody is too healthy to get sick. STAY HOME and help stop the spread of this virus. Countless doctors, nurses, and other health care workers are working hard to save YOUR LIFE.”

“The least you could do is stay home so that we, too, can go home to our loved ones one day.”

NextShark has since reached out to Cheng for further comment.

Feature Image via @cheng.tim

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