Woman Has Meltdown on Train After Being Asked to Wear Mask Properly in Taiwan

Woman Has Meltdown on Train After Being Asked to Wear Mask Properly in TaiwanWoman Has Meltdown on Train After Being Asked to Wear Mask Properly in Taiwan
A woman was filmed having a meltdown after being asked by passengers to wear a mask properly while riding a train in Taiwan amid the COVID-19 pandemic.
The unidentified woman reportedly rode the Taiwan Railways Administration (TRA) train from New Taipei City’s Banqiao District to Taoyuan’s Zhongli District bound for Taichung on Sunday without a mask, according to Taiwan News.
Rex Huang, a member of the Facebook group Breaking News Commune, shared more details on what happened. He overheard the woman shout profanities when asked to wear a mask while onboard the train.
Image Rex Huang via bc3ts
Huang tried to reason with the woman, but she allegedly flipped him off. A conductor later heard the commotion and attempted to defuse the situation. The woman claimed she refused to wear a mask because it makes her cough. She pretended not to speak Mandarin and communicated her displeasure in English.
Screenshot via Yulin Chen
The woman eventually complied and put on her mask improperly with her nose uncovered, as seen in one of the videos. However, this prompted other passengers to ask her to wear her mask properly.
She once again began shouting at other passengers and the TRA staff and told them she “didn’t do anything illegal.” One of the passengers asked her calmly to put on her mask as she started coughing.
During the confrontation, the passenger said she could not “wear it the other way” and needed another mask.
The passenger complained the woman she was sitting next to did not ask her directly to put on her mask, but the woman explained that she could not force her to wear it, so she went to the TRA employee instead.
Screenshot via Yulin Chen
After speaking with the TRA staff, the woman initially agreed to move to a nursing room, but she quickly refused after seeing it was a confined space.
“We will soon arrive at Zhunan. Requesting assistance. We refuse to carry this passenger,” a conductor can be heard saying in the video. She voluntarily got off the train at Zhunan Station.
Huang said everyone on that train was calm while trying to reason with the woman.
Feature Image via Yulin Chen
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