Taiwan’s Legendary ‘Pokémon Go’ Grandpa Has Evolved, Now Has Even More Phones

Taiwan’s Legendary ‘Pokémon Go’ Grandpa Has Evolved, Now Has Even More PhonesTaiwan’s Legendary ‘Pokémon Go’ Grandpa Has Evolved, Now Has Even More Phones
It appears like Chen San-yuan, Taiwan’s legendary “Pokémon Go” grandpa, has evolved and harnessed the power of even more smartphones onto his bike.
When he was first spotted roaming the streets last year, Chen only had nine smartphones strapped to his bike. But recently, he was spotted carrying 23 smartphones in total, according to SoraNews24.
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Twitter user @SCMcrocodile shot a short video showing Chen playing “Pokémon Go” with his phones on a sidewalk. The clip only shows 21 smartphones, but it turns out that he has two additional ones hidden inside the basket of his bike.
According to the report, Chen has probably accumulated between 138 million and 460 million experience points since “Pokémon Go” currently has a level cap of 40. While this is nothing short of impressive, this doesn’t include the accounts he has that are under level 30, which were not present on his bike.
The elderly trainer can certainly take up a raid on his own. Allegedly, he was doing a raid battle against an Aloha Raichu when he was filmed.
While this sounds cool, he couldn’t actually put all of his phones to use since the raid battle system can only handle 20 players as its maximum.
However, it was apparently stated that Niantic Labs may ban users for having multiple accounts under their Terms of Services (ToS), which happened to Brandon Tan, a high-profile player who sells his services to people to help them level up their accounts.
While they operate multiple accounts, Chen seemingly has no ulterior motives behind playing simultaneously from all of his smartphones aside from being active and preventing Alzheimer’s disease. And by the looks of it, he is not selling the monsters he captures or even the accounts that have already reached the level cap.
Many netizens are quite entertained by Chen and his passion for the game. Here’s what some of them wrote on social media as translated by SoraNews24:
“It looks like he’s playing a rhythm game.”
“This is like the Pokémon equivalent of those people who live with 40 cats.”
“Hey, that’s a violation of the Terms of Service!”
“Last time I saw him he had about 12 phones. That’s some improvement!”
“He is a Pokémon Master.”
“How can he see when he’s riding that thing?”
Images via Twitter / SCMcrocodile
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