Taiwanese Model Goes Viral After Helping Struggling Mother Sell Fish

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A Taiwanese model became internet famous overnight after helping her mother sell fish in their local market.

Liu Pengpeng, a 26-year-old model who worked at different promotional events around Taiwan, was spotted by a Facebook user selling fish at a wet market in Changhua, according to Taiwanese outlet Apple Daily.

There, the man snapped a few pictures of Liu along with a video and shared it online with a caption that reads, as translated by Shanghaiist: “Ma, in the future, I will always help you buy fish.”

After her pictures had gone viral, Liu immediately took to her Facebook to thank those who supported her and announced that she’d be working at the fish market stand again on Thursday morning.

One user left a comment in her post saying, “The market is going to burst.”

Liu’s fame doesn’t just cover cyberspace.

According to the report, local news swarmed to the event when tons of people showed up on Thursday morning in front of her fish stand.

While speaking to the media, the model’s mother described her as being extremely filial, saying Liu often comes back home and helps her out in their fish stall, worrying that her mother might be overworking herself.

Earlier this year, a food stand in Taiwan quadrupled its sale overnight after hiring a model to serve customers delicious meat.

Featured images (left) via Apple Daily, (right) via Facebook / 劉芃芃

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