Man Dumps Girlfriend After Horrible Accident, She Responds by Proposing in a Wedding Dress

A woman from New Taipei City, Taiwan, proposed to her boyfriend after learning he would most likely face amputation as a result of a terrible car accident.

The couple originally planned to marry each other sometime in 2018, according to Shanghaiist; however, their plans hit a major obstacle when the man got into a terrible accident.

Doctors at the hospital said that his treatment would require amputation, which would become troublesome for the couple’s married life. So as a solution, the man decided to break up with his girlfriend in order to free her from the responsibility of taking care of him, according to a video first posted on Facebook.

However, the girlfriend did not take his decision to heart. Instead, she walked into the hospital room along with a group of people and proposed to him, despite what the future may bring.

“If you will take me as your wife, then will you accept these flowers?” she told her boyfriend while wearing a wedding dress and carrying a bouquet of flowers.

“I will do everything I can to get better, and keep hold of your hand for the rest of my life,” the boyfriend said in response as he took his girlfriend in his arms and kissed her.

Featured Image via YouTube / 求婚 TIN

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