Taiwan Goes Crazy For Crystal Clear Milk Tea From Japan

A crystal clear, transparent milk tea is causing an uproar in the Taiwanese market. The beverage, created by Japanese company Suntory, has become quite a big hit in the country that some regular consumers even buy large bulk orders – around 20 to 100 bottles of the drink at a time.

According to UDN via Taiwan News, Suntory’s milk tea flavor, part of its Premium Morning Tea line, first hit the shelves of Hong Kong-owned supermarket Wellcome. The competition then became fierce when its rival, A.mart, began selling the same item, even offering a special sales promotion to entice customers.

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The offer was scheduled to kick off on November 15 and supposed to end on November 28, when consumers would have been able to buy two bottles for the price of 49 Taiwan Dollars ($1.62 USD). In a rather surprising twist, however, the stock ran out exactly a day before the special offer; even without the sale, consumers still flocked to grab several bottles of the milk tea with its original price of 56 Taiwan Dollars ($1.86).

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Because of the extremely high demand for Suntory’s water-like milk tea, A.mart’s Public Relations manager, Wang Chia-hui, told the Chinese outlet that the supermarket will urgently stock  as many as 5,000 bottles of the crystal clear beverage.

Another market in Taiwan, RT-Mart, also plans to order a restock of 4,800 bottles in December for the price of 70 Taiwan dollars ($2.33) before the discounted price kicks off.

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Suntory’s Premium Morning Tea (milk tea), according to CNET, is a direct follow up to its lemon tea-flavored water product released earlier in April.

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