Taiwanese Club Turns Meme Into Reality While the Rest of the World is in Quarantine

A Taiwanese club is delighting its customers with servers who have taken a cue from the viral dancing pallbearers in Ghana.

Earlier this year, several memes and videos of the dancing Ghanaian group of pallbearers went viral. The performance is part of a funeral service, which is carried out on the request of the bereaved family.


Inspired by the popular viral meme, members of the dance troupe Luxyboyz have recreated the moves while serving drinks at the OMNI Nightclub in Taipei. 

Another clip of the Luxyboyz’s performance was recently uploaded onto social media by Twitter user Andrew Kang.

Impressed by the performance, Kang captioned the clip with: “At this nightclub in Taipei, they bring out your bottles as the Ghanaian Pallbearers and it’s f***ing lit”

As of this writing, the video has been viewed nearly 700,000 times. He also posted another video showing how the dancers react when someone has too much to drink.

Kang’s post had some people wondering why people in Taiwan can go to the club, while people in other parts of the world stay at home due to COVID-19. He responded to commenters that Taiwan had already exterminated the pandemic without enforcing a lockdown.

Feature Image via Andrew Kang

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