We Found the Most Epic Arcade Drummer of All Time

We Found the Most Epic Arcade Drummer of All TimeWe Found the Most Epic Arcade Drummer of All Time
An arcade is a place where people have fun playing their favorite games, but for others, like this unidentified gamer, it’s a way to be on stage and perform Taiko no Tatsujin (“Taiko Master”) while blindfolded.
The unknown, mask-wearing “Taiko Master” was spotted at an arcade in Japan by Twitter user Hiro, according to Kotaku.
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In the video, which was first uploaded on the social media platform on Jan. 13, the man can be seen casually playing on two “Taiko Master” drums. He plays remarkably on both of them while wearing a blindfold, and judging by the screen of the game, it seems like he got almost all of the markers right.
One of the comments on Kotaku posted a YouTube link suggesting that this man has apparently been performing the routine — or variations of it — since 2013. The clip below shows a man without a blindfold on, and his face completely visible. However, he did cover the screen with a shirt as part of his act.
Most people think that arcades are only for the younger generation. But this “DDR Grandpa and Grandma” will beg to differ.
Featured Image via Twitter / @saru4612
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