Tai Chi Master Uses Penis to Pull Helicopter, Breaks ‘World Record’

Tai Chi Master Uses Penis to Pull Helicopter, Breaks ‘World Record’
Ryan General
June 1, 2017
Now here’s a challenge to those thinking kung fu is a joke.
A Tai Chi master recently earned a world record for successfully pulling a military helicopter more than 10 meters with the use of his powerful penis.
The 39-year-old Chinese martial arts practitioner named Ye Hongwei demonstrated his incredible feat before a crowd of supporters armed with camera phones outside a military hangar in Beijing.
The footage of his performance showed him dragging the chopper over the 10-meter line using his well-trained manhood, breaking a “world record.”
To ensure that everything is in order, judges from the “World Record Certification Limited” attended the thrilling event to facilitate the process. Before the record attempt, a foreign female “judge” was shown reading out the rules of the challenge while Ye prepared, tying a rope around his sturdy tool.
Ye only needed to pull the 5-ton military chopper eight meters to beat the “world record,” but he masterfully crosses the 10-meter line without breaking a sweat — or his penis. Ye finally realigned his chi after the feat by taking a breath to keep his focus away from the intense pain the stunt must have caused him.
Representatives from the World Record committee awarded Ye with a certificate for the world record for “the furthest distance for an airplane to be dragged with penis.”
It is worth noting however that the although the World Record Certification is based in London, it is not, in any way or form, associated with the Guinness World Records. Also, most of the world record holders listed under World Record Certification Limited come from China.
Ye, who claims to be the founder of his own school of Tai Chi in Zibo in Shandong Province, has reportedly been practicing traditional Chinese martial arts for decades. This is not the first time he publicly placed his genitals to the test. He dragged seven Audis eight meters using only his testicles last month.
Ye, however, is not alone in the quest to have the strongest schlong there is. Earlier this month, another martial arts “master” demonstrated that his own super penis can pull a huge bus.
Will any MMA fighter rise up to prove he can do better?
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