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‘I don’t know if I’m allowed to say this’: Blackpink’s Jennie reveals the group’s comeback

  • This past Friday, several YG Entertainment artists participated in an episode of a popular Korean variety show called “The Game Caterers.”
  • Some of the artists present included Blackpink leader Jennie, Akmu’s Chanhyuk, Winner’s Jinu, Mino and Yoon and iKon’s Jay and Song.
  • The YG family proved their camaraderie by cheering each other on in a series of dance covers and original games.
  • In her closing remarks, Jennie announced the world-famous quartet would be making a comeback and said to “please look forward to it.” It would be the group’s first album since 2020.
  • Members of Winner and iKon also confirmed their groups’ upcoming comebacks.

Blackpink leader Jennie has announced the group’s planned return for their first album in nearly two years.

On Friday, March 4, a popular Korean YouTube channel called “The Game Caterers” aired an episode featuring several artists from YG Entertainment. 

Adorable Little Girl Walks Up to K-Pop Record Label, Asks to Meet BIGBANG

A 4-year-old girl named Alice bravely walked up to a YG Entertainment building with hopes of meeting one of K-pop’s most famous groups, BIGBANG.

In a video that caught the attention of many online users, one of BIGBANG’s youngest fans went up to the YG building hoping she could meet her idols. According to Koreaboo, the child’s auntie posted the video on Instagram and said that her little niece calls the building “BigBang’s House.”