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Meet The Filipino American Who’s Keeping An Ancient Filipino Script Alive

Kristian Kabuay is a Filipino-American artist based in the San Francisco Bay Area who has taken it upon himself to push for the continued resurrection of Baybayin, a little-known indigenous script writing system from the Philippines that pre-dates Ferdinand Magellan’s “discovery” of the archipelago in the 1500s.

Unlike Japanese or Chinese calligraphy, the ancient Philippine script was derived from Brahmic scripts of India, which is why it has a distinctively different look from Chinese characters or Japanese Kanji. After the Philippines adopted Western characters, Baybayin was faced with certain extinction, its use whittled down to only one remote village tribe using the script at its most critical point.

Meet the Migrant Helper Who Just Became ‘China’s Hottest Writer’

An essay written by a 44-year-old Beijing migrant worker has taken Chinese social media by storm for its striking voice that resonated with the experiences of many.

Little did Fan Yusu know that her autobiography, simply titled “I Am Fan Yusu”, would be shared more than 100,000 times within 24 hours of its posting last week. After all, she was just trying to chill in her spare time as a domestic helper.