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Texas teens die from fentanyl overdose weeks before high school graduation

  • Irene Sunderland and Grant Blodgett, two high school seniors in Texas, were found dead after a fentanyl overdose. 
  • They suffered from drug addictions for many years, according to investigators. 
  • Mandy, Irene’s mother, found her daughter dead in her bedroom surrounded by drugs on the day she was reportedly going to take her to rehab.
  • Investigators found phone records on both teenagers’ cellphones, leading to the arrest of Abdulbaaith Abiodun Adewale, a 19-year-old dealer. 
  • Adewale was charged with two second-degree felony charges of manufacturing or delivering a controlled substance causing death or serious bodily injury. His bond was set at $150,000.

Two high school seniors in Texas were found dead from a fentanyl overdose after suffering from drug addictions for years, according to investigators. 

The Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office deputies responded to a double overdose call at a home on Stanwick Place, The Woodlands. They found Irene Sunderland, 18, and her boyfriend Grant Blodgett, 17, dead ​​in a bedroom on May 5.