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K-Pop Group Monsta X Will Appear on ‘We Bare Bears’

monsta x

Rising K-pop boy group Monsta X is making an animated appearance on Cartoon Network’s “We Bare Bears.”

In a minute-long teaser for an upcoming episode, viewers had a glimpse of what it’s like if Ice Bear (Demetri Martin), Panda (Bobby Moynihan) and Grizzly (Eric Edelstein) rub shoulders with Monsta X members Hyungwon, I.M, Joohoney, Kihyun, Minhyuk, Shownu and Wonho.

From Boba to K-Pop: Why ‘We Bare Bears’ is So Relatable to Asians

When it comes to entertainment, I believe we’re all subconsciously searching for characters or plot lines we can relate to — something you can watch and say to yourself, “that’s so me.” Whether I was explicitly aware of this or not at the time, I was craving this relatability even as a child. Perhaps this is why I felt a certain level of discomfort towards the live-action sitcoms or romcoms my white friends were so drawn to. And perhaps this is why I always turned to animation and cartoons for comfort instead.

In animation, there were no expectations of characters that resembled myself; after all, what could anyone, regardless of race, possibly have in common with a sponge living in the ocean or a magical dog?

Cartoon About 3 Bears and a Korean Girl is the Representation We’ve Been Waiting For

asian representation

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past three years, you’ve likely come across the ever popular Cartoon Network series, “We Bare Bears” — the story of three adorable bear brothers and a Korean child genius. The unique show features a bilingual Korean American family and their daughter, Chloe, as they introduce the bears to traditional Korean foods and customs.