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‘Life is Strange: True Colors’ review bombed by Chinese gamers upset over in-game Tibetan flag

Life is Strange: True Colors tibet

Square Enix’s “Life is Strange: True Colors” was review-bombed last month by Chinese-speaking players after they noticed the Tibetan flag in-game.

What happened: The Tibetan flag was discovered flying on the entrance of the shop named Treasures of Tibet in the game, according to PC Gamer. The feature prompted the players to leave negative reviews on the game’s Steam page, with some of them expressing their views on the One-China policy.

‘Genshin Impact’ voice actor harassed for voicing a character players hate

Genshin Impact voice actor

Chinese voice actor Gui Niang is facing harassment online for voicing an unpopular five-star character in the Chinese gacha game “Genshin Impact.”

Divine Priestess: Niang, who voices the playable character Sagonomiya Kokomi, had to restrict her livestream due to a number of “Genshin Impact” players directing negative comments towards her, according to Sportskeeda

‘Genshin Impact’ ratings tanked by angry players dissatisfied with an in-game gift

Genshin Impact ratings

Genshin Impact,” a game made by Chinese company Mihoyo, is getting review bombed on Apple’s App Store and the Google Play Store by unhappy players over an in-game anniversary gift.

Anniversary celebration?: Gacha video game Genshin Impact” celebrated its first anniversary on Sept. 28 by gifting players 10 wishes. However, many players were upset by the gesture leading up to the anniversary and afterwards.

The café pigeon ‘Animal Crossing’ fans all know and love is coming back to the series

Animal Crossing Brewster

Brewster, a much-loved character from the “Animal Crossing” video game series, was confirmed to be returning to the Switch entry in the series during the most recent Nintendo Direct presentation.  

“Coo”: The coffee-loving pigeon, who first appeared in the video game “Animal Crossing: Wild World” for the Nintendo DS in 2005, has been confirmed by Nintendo to reappear in the newest content update for the Switch’s “Animal Crossing New Horizons,” according to Polygon

Chris Pratt playing Super Mario may prove the Nintendo character is not Japanese after all

Mario film

Nintendo game director Shigeru Miyamoto, creator of the “Super Mario Bros.” games, made a surprise appearance during the Nintendo Direct on Thursday to give details on an upcoming animated Mario movie.

It’s-a movie: Actor Chris Pratt, star of blockbuster franchises “Jurassic World” and “Guardians of the Galaxy,” has been tapped to voice Mario in the still-untitled project from Nintendo and animation studio Illumination, which animated “Despicable Me” and “Minions,” Kotaku reported.

Vintage ‘Sonic the Hedgehog’ game sold for astronomical $430,500

Sonic the Hedgehog vintage game

A new contender has run into the arena of extremely high-priced games and it’s none other than Mario’s long-time rival, Sonic the Hedgehog.

Another clash: On Sunday, Goldin Auctions tweeted an image of a Wata-certified copy of the 1991 video game “Sonic the Hedgehog” stating that it sold for $430,500 and set an all-time record for the highest price for any Sega Genesis game.

‘Chinese people are the worst’: ‘Genshin Impact’ streamer under fire after racist tirade during stream

Genshin Impact streamer was racist

An Argentinian Twitch streamer that goes by the name Kylorren_lol is experiencing online backlash after directing racist remarks at a Korean streamer. 

What happened: Kylorren, a small creator in the Spanish-speaking “Genshin” community, went live on the social media platform after a discussion ensued on Twitter about the “Genshin Impact” video game character Keqing. He made racially offensive comments about fellow streamer Tenha and Chinese people to his 7,500 followers during this live stream, according to Sportskeeda.

‘Ghost of Tsushima’ Fans Raise $260K to Help Restore Torii Gate Destroyed by Typhoon

Ghost of Tsushima

“Ghost of Tsushima” fans have raised $260,000 for a campaign to restore a torii gate on the island of Tsushima in Nagasaki Prefecture that was damaged by a typhoon in September 2020.

Fans of the popular PlayStation 4 game started a crowdfunding campaign in November 2020 to help repair the destroyed torii gate at Watatsumi Shrine, according to Siliconera.