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Las Vegas is Building a Casino Just For Chinese Gamblers

The first Asian-themed hotel and casino is coming to Vegas with promises to cater to Chinese gamblers.

The Lucky Dragon Hotel & Casino, set to open on Dec. 3 off the northern end of the Las Vegas strip, is appealing to Chinese visitors with authentic Chinese food and other comforts of home. The establishment, which is mostly funded by Chinese investors, will include bilingual staff and signage and a luxury tea bar.

Meet The Man Who Takes Care of the World’s Elite in Las Vegas


Getting the most elite experience in Las Vegas usually takes one simple thing: money. Another option is to know somebody like Joe Vargas, a nightlife and entertainment expert based in the bustling City of Lights who acts primarily as a concierge for the elite in Las Vegas. He’s hosted and partied with celebrities that include Mark Cuban, Mike Tyson, Johnny Depp and Charlie Sheen.