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Naomi Osaka Appears in First TV Commercial in Cup Noodles Ad

Naomi Osaka

The 2018 U.S. Open champion, Naomi Osaka, just made her first appearance on a Japanese television ad, starring alongside fellow tennis player and countryman, Kei Nishikori, for Nissin cup noodles.

In the New Year ad, Osaka and Nishikori are pitted against each other in what appears to be a tennis match, until it is revealed that they are actually playing a game of hanetsuki, a traditional Japanese game involving rectangular wooden bats called hagoita often played during New Year’s, according to SoraNews24.

Old Images of BTS Members Wearing ‘Nazi’ Symbol Spark Controversy


K-pop sensation BTS has sparked another controversy after a prominent Jewish group called them out for wearing hats adorned with Nazi symbols during a photoshoot.

The popular South Korean boyband faced criticism last month after 23-year-old BTS member Jimin was seen wearing a t-shirt containing the text “Patrio‌tis‌m our history libe‌rati‌on Korea” printed multiple times along with an image of the a‌to‌m‌ic bo‌‌m‌b that devastated H‌iros‌him‌a at the end of World W‌a‌r II.