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Twitter is Trending #ExpressiveAsians Because It’s Tired of Hollywood’s BS Casting


The past few weeks have yielded a great deal of conversation surrounding Asians in media — or, rather, a lack thereof. “Hellboy” was gearing up to be yet another film with a Whitewashed character, complete with an overtly insensitive producer at the helm, when, to everyone’s surprise, actor Ed Skrein stepped down from the role of Japanese-American Major Ben Daimio.

A post shared by Ed Skrein (@edskrein) on Aug 28, 2017 at 12:03pm PDT

Woman Whose Father Survived Japanese Internment Gives Asian Americans a Wake Up Call

Most Asian Americans in the U.S. today are immigrants or the children of immigrants, so people are flabbergasted when they find out that not only were my parents born here, but my parents’ parents were born here too. I’m fourth generation, as are a lot of Japanese Americans around my age.

Every previously-held belief about Asians is fundamentally challenged when they meet me.

Facebook Keeps Deleting This Poem About Racism and Won’t Say Why

On July 6th, acclaimed American slam poet Beau Sia posted a racially and politically charged poem he’d written on Facebook. The post got over 700 shares, he forgot about it and moved on.

Last week, Sia noticed someone liked the post he wrote in July, discovered that it still resonated with him and reposted it. Two days later, Facebook sent Sia a message late at night saying his post had been taken down for not meeting “community standards”.

As An Asian American, I Am Invisible In This Country

We came to this country seeking the American Dream.

Our parents saw this Golden Mountain as a symbol of the future and what it could provide. So they vowed to leave everything behind, their native tongues, their childhood memories, the friends that knew their every secrets, their favorite weekend cafes, early morning dance halls and sleepy beach hideaways for a promise of a better life.