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China publishes — and then deletes — report it detected what may be an alien signal

  • Researchers in China released a now-deleted report of a “suspicious” signal from space that may be evidence of an advanced alien civilization.
  • The signals were discovered by China’s FAST radio telescope, also known as Sky Eye, which has been involved in alien research since 2020.
  • A team of researchers found “possible technological traces” that will need further investigation, which they described as “a long process.”
  • The team previously discovered two groups of strange signals in 2020.

In a now-deleted report, researchers in China discovered “suspicious” signals picked up by the Sky Eye telescope, the world’s largest telescope. 

The report, shared by Science and Technology Daily, the official newspaper of China’s Ministry of Science and Technology, revealed that a team of researchers led by chief scientist Zhang Tonjie captured narrow band electromagnetic signals through the Sky Eye telescope, located in Guizhou Province of southwestern China.