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Japanese Man Calls Cops On Himself After Not Having Enough Money to Pay For Meal

An unemployed Japanese man decided to call the cops on himself after dining and not having enough money to pay for his meal. The 63-year-old senior carried only 96 yen ($0.86) with him when he ordered a bowl of katsudon at a restaurant in Fukuoka on November 21.

The unemployed senior finished his meal worth 650 yen ($5.75) without any intention of paying and even told the restaurant’s manager to call the police, according to SoraNews24. Surprisingly, the manager was lenient towards the senior and even allowed him to settle his debt later.

Experts Predict Asia Will Need $20 Trillion in Healthcare Costs For Its Elderly By 2030

We all know that healthcare gets more expensive as you grow older. Unfortunately, for Asia’s extremely large population, it’s not looking too good in terms of costs in the future. 

Asia is aging faster than anywhere in the planet with about 200 million people passing the age of 65 by 2030, according to the Asia Pacific Risk Center (APRC). Experts predict that healthcare costs for the elderly in Asia could cost $20 trillion to upkeep.