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Drunk Dad Forcefully Kisses His Son’s Bride During Wedding In Front of Guests

A newly wed bride from Yancheng, Jiangsu province, China, recently had the most awkward run in with one of her in-laws during her wedding ceremony – the father, drunk off his mind, forcefully kissed her on stage.

The video, which went super viral on Chinese social media platforms, shows an elderly man walking on a stage with a woman wrapped around his arm. It turns out, the woman, who is wearing a traditional Chinese wedding dress, is actually the bride and his daughter-in-law.

39 Dirty Whisper Confessions About Asian Guys

Asian guys

Whisper is an app known for its scandalous secrets and tantalizing tell-alls. Nannies hooking up with the parents of the kids they watch, the best man confessing his feelings for the bride just moments before she walks down the aisle, and other juicy gossip not even day time soap operas could dish out fast enough.

Kpop Shocked Gif

So we got curious — what are the scintillatingly sinful confessions anonymous netizens have about Asian guys? We collected some of the most shocking, steamiest stories below (WARNING, NSFW): 1. Same girl, same.