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What It’s Like to Fly on Etihad’s Epic $27,000 Private Cabin for Only $108

First class travel blogger Sam Huang recently documented his experience flying in the most luxurious accommodation in the sky to date — Etihad Ariways’ The Residence.

In his blog, Top Miles, Huang documented purchasing his tickets, which cost him only $108 out-of-pocket, his experience in Etihad’s first class lounge, boarding to his First Apartment, and then getting an exclusive experience in The Residence on board the Etihad A380, the world’s largest passenger airliner.

Here’s the Hack That Got This Man a $10,000 First Class Flight For Just $130

Sam Huang an is a Travel Blogger who made headlines back in October for discovering a loophole that let him snag an epic $60,000 first class flight for $300. He regularly documents his experiences on his website

Well folks, he’s at it again! This time, he shows us a cool trick he used to get a $10,000 first class ticket from Cathay Pacific for $130 plus a $75 late booking fee. This trick involves applying for a specific credit card.

Here’s the Loophole That Let One Man Snag an Epic $60,000 First Class Flight for $300

Sam Huang is a man who doesn’t fly frequently and would never pay outrageous amounts to sit in first class, but earlier this spring, he managed to take a $60,000 trip of his life by exploiting an airline loophole — and he only paid $300 out of his own pocket for the entire trip.

In his blog, he documents the process of booking his ticket and his epic experience around the world and back in the world-famous Emirates’ First Class Suite.