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Indian American couple from ‘Love is Blind’ not so blind when it comes to race and attraction

love is blind couple
  • The “Love is Blind” Season 2 finale airs tomorrow, and people wonder whether one of the show’s most popular couples, Indian American couple Deepti Vempati and Abhishek “Shake” Chatterjee will say “I do” at the altar.
  • Shake confessed on several occasions that he did not feel physically attracted to Deepti, and compared his feelings towards her as “aunt” like, despite finding nothing wrong with her appearance or personality.
  • The two originally bonded over a shared culture but repeatedly mentioned throughout the series that neither had dated people of any ethnicity “but white” before meeting the other.
  • As many social media users have brought up, this seems to point to the larger issue of internalized racism, in which people organize and adopt a racial hierarchy often based on stereotypes or conceptions. In these rankings, ‘white’ racial identities most always bring a level of prestige and high status.

Netflix airs the finale of “Love is Blind” tomorrow, and fans are wondering whether the show’s Indian American couple will say “I do” despite issues with physical attraction.  

In the show, 15 men and 15 women spent their first week doing one-on-one talk sessions in pods, separated by a wall, so they could not see each other’s faces. After a romantic vacation, moving in together and meeting each other’s families, all in the span of three weeks, couples then meet at the altar in the final episode and are given the choice to go through with the wedding and be married, or break up. 

Boba liberals: The meaning of the term used to describe the Asian Americans everyone loves to hate

boba liberals

The term “boba liberal” has become a commonplace pejorative, but its original definition critiqued and questioned the heart of Asian American identity. 

Every so often, a new bubble tea shop opens up in New York City, usually the first branch of a Taiwanese cafe making its landing on the East Coast. During the grand opening, a restless line stretches down the block in familiar East Asian enclaves: Canal Street, Korea Way, St. Mark’s Place. New Yorkers celebrated the hype for Yi Fang, Biao Sugar, The Alley, Tiger Sugar, Machi Machi. Every opening promises a slightly different twist: elevated versions of the classics, innovative use of panna cotta, a signature milk tea blend that no one else offers. 

Reddit post by alleged half-Korean teen mistreated by family for being white-passing is removed

Half Korean Reddit Post AITA Taken Down

Moderators of the popular subreddit “r/AmItheA**hole” (AITA) have taken down a post by an alleged biracial Korean and German user who claimed to be mistreated by her family for passing as white.

What happened: In a since-deleted post on Wednesday, Reddit user Aggressive-Duty6000 asked her fellow forum members if she was an a*shole” for blaming her grandparents for why she turned her back on her Korean side.