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SF DA Boudin says police refused to help in boba shop bust, so he was forced to rent U-Haul

  • The San Francisco Police Department declined to help bust a global fencing ring operating out of a Quickly boba shop in Tenderloin earlier this month, according to District Attorney Chesa Boudin.
  • The operation, which led to the arrest of 41-year-old Quoc Le and the recovery of 130 boxes of electronics, would have required logistical assistance and vehicles from the police.
  • In an interview with Mission Local, Boudin said he received a “somewhat frantic” call from the SFPD days before the bust, informing him that they were “too busy” to help.
  • A “shocked” Boudin said his office resorted to renting a U-Haul, which loaded and transported all 130 boxes that contained around 1,000 electronic devices.
  • Le, on the other hand, was transported by the United States Postal Inspector and Homeland Security Investigations, Boudin said.

The San Francisco Police Department refused to participate in an operation to arrest a man who ran a global fencing ring out of a Quickly Boba Tea Cafe earlier this month, according to District Attorney Chesa Boudin.

Quoc Le, 41, is facing at least a dozen felony and misdemeanor charges of possessing stolen property after the Tenderloin bust, which was part of a larger investigation that tracks stolen items from bait cars and has uncovered theft sales as far as Asia and Europe.