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Everything you need to know about ‘Squid Game’ star Wi Ha-jun to leave you satisfied

Wi Ha-joon profile

Warning: Contains spoilers

Netflix’s “Squid Game” has audiences captivated by the show’s take on childhood games with a deadly twist. As 456 players compete for the ultimate cash prize, police detective Hwang Jun-ho begins to unravel the sinister organization behind it all. The actor who plays him, Wi Ha-jun, is among many members of the show’s cast that have risen to global popularity along with the show. 

Meet the $740 Million Man Who Calls Himself the ‘Most Influential Person of China’

Some have called him a clown, others a philanthropist, but while his attitude towards public recognition seems to borderline on narcissism, Chen Guangbiao is adamant about helping communities who are in need.

Despite coming from a destitute family, Chen, 45, is now one of China’s richest businessmen with an estimated net worth of $740 million — built through his founding and ownership of construction waste-recycling company Jiangsu Huangpu Recycling Resources.