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7 Great Clothing Shops for Petite Women You Need To Check Out Right Now

Summer is nearly upon us, meaning it’s officially time to stock up on those dresses, skirts, shorts, etc. — whatever you’re into.

While in the wintertime we can layer up and hide in our baggy sweaters, during the warmer seasons it becomes harder to pick out petite-friendly outfits. For all those Asians girls out there under 5’3”, there’s no need to settle for those ill fitting mini dresses that always seem to hit at a midi length. Here are some of the best petite clothing brands on the market if your frumpy wardrobe is in need of a desperate facelift.

Asian Girls With Small Boobs Rejoice! Here Are Some Of The Best Tried And Tested Petite Bras

To all my petite Asian ladies out there, I feel you, no one understands our struggles when it comes to shopping for clothes. Unless we’re buying exclusively from petite sections, we inevitably end up looking like children playing dress up in our mom’s baggy clothes.

While many clothing shops have come to our rescue by stocking up on petite ranges for dresses, jeans and tops, they still clearly haven’t gotten the memo for one other essential clothing piece — bras.