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Angelababy Sparks Debate on Periods After She’s Criticized for ‘Special Treatment’

After being criticized online for “getting special treatment” during an episode of the popular show in China, “Keep Running,” Chinese actress Angelababy finally speaks out.

On her Weibo post on Monday, Angelababy went into details explaining that she was having her period when she appeared on the show, which was aired last Friday, May 18, according to Straits Times.

Teen Gets Her School to Provide Free Tampons and Pads For Students

A “period emergency” that had her scrambling for a pad or tampon in the middle of math class inspired eighth-grader Cordelia Longo to convince her school to provide such necessities for free to all female students.

According to NBC, the teenager got herself in a frustrating situation one day in April after she ran out of dimes trying to find a restroom with a working sanitary napkin and tampon dispenser in her school in Mercer Island, Washington. 

Women Will Love This Bluetooth Tampon That Prevents Their Periods From Leaking

A new bluetooth-enabled tampon will alert you to when the red sea is going to flood. Women who have heavy periods will understand what a blessing this is to help prevent embarrassing leakage mishaps in public.

The tampons, developed by a startup called My.Flow, are connected via a smartphone device and will notify individuals before they bleed through their tampon. The product has a six to 12-inch string that is reinforced with medical-grade conductive steel.