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TikTok influencers North Star Boys accused of using Stop Asian Hate mural for ‘thirst trap’ photo

  • TikTok influencer group North Star Boys recently came under fire for posing “thirst traps” in front of a Stop Asian Hate mural.
  • The photo has been shared across the platform as users continue to mock the group for what many online believe to be performative activism.
  • The group has since addressed the matter, denying that the photos were “thirst traps” and questioning what those that made fun of them were doing to help the movement.

Things went south for the North Star Boys last week after the seven-member influencer group posted a photo of themselves posing in front of a wall with the words “Stop Asian Hate.” 

Immediately, the photo drew backlash for turning a serious movement that emerged in response to the surge of anti-Asian violence into what many online are calling a “thirst trap” opportunity.