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Minnesota pawn shop owner claims to have discovered lost photos from the Nanjing Massacre

A pawn shop owner in Minnesota claims to have discovered long-lost photos taken during the Nanjing Massacre.

In a video posted to TikTok with over 9.5 million views, Evan Kail says that a customer sent him an old album of photos from World War II with the intention of selling it. When he opened the album and inspected its contents, he found disturbing photos labeled as if they were taken during the December 1937 massacre, which lasted for six weeks and saw at least 200,000 Chinese civilians killed by the Imperial Japanese Army.

Japanese Hotel Chain CEO Under Fire For Saying the Nanking Massacre was ‘Imaginary’

Did the Nanking Massacre happen? For one Japanese hotel chain CEO, the killing of thousands of Chinese civilians by the Japanese troops in 1937 is just “imaginary.”

APA Group president Toshio Motoya wrote a book about it, which he placed in his hotel’s guestrooms. The land development firm, which operates over 400 hotels, has earned the ire of guests for spreading the company’s revisionist take on the history, several news agencies reported.