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Fi‌g‌ht‌ Br‌e‌a‌ks Out in Chinese Starbucks Over $30 Limited Edition Cat Paw Mug

Al‌terc‌at‌ions b‌roke out at Chinese Starbucks shops between desperate shoppers who had been waiting hours to purchase a limited edition cat paw mug, with at least one person allegedly sleeping in a tent to be the first person to buy the coveted collector’s item.

One viral video shows a man and a woman in a Starbucks located in the Shaanxi Province, central China, getting into a fis‌t fi‌g‌ht‌ as they push each other out of the way to get to the counter.

Mom Mistakenly Donates Mug Containing $6,500 After Reading Marie Kondo’s ‘Tidying Up’

Marie Kondo

A mother in Atlanta, Georgia who read Marie Kondo and tried to eliminate things that do not “spark joy” faces deep regret after getting rid of her son’s mug, which she later discovered to contain thousands of dollars.

Devon Silvey, 27, was in the process of moving apartments when he sold his car on Sunday. Because the banks were closed, he needed a place to temporarily stash the cash.