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‘Monster Hunter’: Realistic-looking Kongari Meat pillows come in raw and cooked designs

  • Capcom, the video game developer behind the “Monster Hunter” series, has designed meat-shaped cushion pillows that come in both raw and cooked meat designs.
  • “Monster Hunter” is an action role-playing video game franchise where players are tasked with defeating monsters to reach the highest hunter rank.
  • The pillows can be used in “a variety of situations,” including as lap pillows, huggy pillows and leg rests.
  • Both pillow designs come in the same size with a length of 230 mm (approximately 9 inches) and are sold for 16,280 yen (approximately $119) each.

Capcom, the developer and publisher behind the action role-playing video game series “Monster Hunter,” are selling meat-shaped cushion pillows rendered in both raw and cooked meat designs. 

The cushions are being sold on Capcom’s online store for 16,280 yen (approximately $119) each and are available in a raw and well-done meat form. The pillows are based on the Kongari Meat in “Monster Hunter” that players can use to restore health and stamina.