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Four men arrested for ‘raping’ Bengal monitor lizard in western India

  • A Bengal monitor lizard was allegedly raped by four male hunters at the Sahydari Tiger Reserve in Maharashthra, India.
  • The four men were reportedly found on video gang-raping the monitor lizard after the Maharashtra Forest Department investigated one of the hunter’s phones.
  • The case has been taken to the Indian Penal Court which is currently discussing the punishment and charges for the four men.
  • The suspects have been identified as Sandeep Tukram, Pawar Mangesh, Janardhan Kamtekar and Akshay Sunil.

Four men have been arrested after one of the accused’s phones was discovered to contain a video of them gang-raping a Bengal monitor lizard at the Sahydari Tiger Reserve in Maharashthra, India. 

CCTV footage from the Maharashtra Forest Department showed the four men lurking around the forest and trespassing into the Sahyadri Tiger Reserve, which was created by the Indian government in 2008 to conserve Bengal tigers.