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Japanese Artist Who Created ‘Momo’ Has Destroyed It After Causing Online Hysteria

The Japanese artist behind the horrifying image used in the viral Momo controversy stated that he has already destroyed the sculpture, proclaiming “Momo is dead.”

According to the artist Keisuke Aisawa, identified by the Sun as Keisuke Aiso, he feels “responsible” for terrifying parents and children around the world after online trolls used his piece to prank victims via the “Momo Challenge.”

Filipino Mom Links 11-Year-Old Son’s S‌‌u‌i‌c‌i‌d‌e to ‘Momo Challenge’

Local authorities in the Philippines have warned parents to monitor their children’s use of the internet after reports that a d‌an‌ge‌rous online “challenge” encouraging kids to c‌om‌‌mit s‌ui‌c‌ide has claimed its first Filipino victim.

Chlyv Jasper “CJ” Santos is an 11-year-old boy who recently took his o‌w‌n li‌f‌e in his school in Quezon City. His mother, Paula Bautista, believes that the boy’s s‌u‌icid‌‌e was influenced by an internet trend called theMomo Challenge.”