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Used masks stained with lipstick and sweat are being sold online in Japan

  • Some Japanese women are selling their used masks with lipstick stains online.
  • A woman in her 30s who lives in Tokyo began selling her used masks in August last year and, within 24 hours, received several inquiries, according to a report from The Mainichi.
  • During the first month, she sold four masks for 500 yen ($4) and now makes 3,000 yen ($23) a month selling her used masks as well as underwear and tights for 1,500 yen ($11) and 400 to 500 yen ($3) each, respectively.
  • Although the woman has received requests that she reveal her face, she has yet to agree.
  • After a third-year junior high school student, inspired by a friend, also began selling used masks in February, former police bureacrat and lawyer Yasuo Sawai has expressed concerns that school students who participate in this trend may be in danger of sexual violence or coercion to sell nude photos.

As the use of facemasks continues to be widespread in Japan, some women are selling their used masks with lipstick stains online. 

A woman in her 30s, who works as a company employee in Tokyo, has been selling her used masks, as well as underwear and tights, online since last year after she saw a tweet about another woman selling used facemasks. Since she had already been selling her clothes and accessories online through a second-hand marketplace app, she decided to sell used masks as well, reported The Mainichi.