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Keanu Reeves faces backlash, boycott threats from Chinese nationalists over Tibet independence stance

keanu reeves matrix resurrections
  • Keanu Reeves is set to be part of the Tibet House US Annual Benefit Concert in March.
  • Chinese social media users who are loyal to the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) condemned Reeves’ decision to join the concert.
  • On Weibo, fans threatened to boycott Reeves’ latest “Matrix” movie and warned that it could lose the Chinese market.

Hollywood superstar Keanu Reeves has earned the ire of Chinese nationalists after they found out that he will participate in the upcoming Tibet House US Annual Benefit Concert. 

“Little Pinks” – young social media users who are known for their avid support for the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) – have criticized Reeves and warned of a potential   boycott of his latest film, “The Matrix: Resurrections,” reported Variety

Keanu Reeves says he wasn’t really sad in the ‘Sad Keanu’ meme photo

Keanu Reeves Sad Meme Explanation
  • Actor Keanu Reeves appeared on “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert” this past Tuesday to promote the forthcoming “Matrix Resurrection” movie.
  • In his conversation with Colbert, Reeves divulged the reason he was looking so sad in the photographs that became the “sad Keanu” meme.

“Matrix” star Keanu Reeves finally revealed the origin story of the “sad Keanu” meme on “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert” this past Tuesday, saying he was “just eating a sandwich.” 

The iconic meme, which dates back to 2010, shows Reeves sitting on a bench, hanging his head, his posture seemingly defeated. A piece of bread is dangling from his left hand. Given Reeves’ popularity and nice-guy reputation, the glum image became a popular meme.

Iconic Green ‘Matrix’ Code is Actually Random Sushi Recipes

Remember the digital rain in “The Matrix” – the green Japanese-characters line of codes raining from above? Its purpose, for the people who can read and understand it, basically tells what is currently happening inside the virtual world.

While all of that sounds complicated as heck, the reality behind the concept is actually rather simple. According to Simon Whiteley, the production and concept designer of “The Matrix” and the one who made the green digital rain of codes, the meaning of these characters is actually a recipe for a famous Japanese food.