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San Diego native Mar Velicaria puts a crown on Filipino American culture with their viral Reyna headpiece

  • Mar Velicaria is a small business owner and social media influencer that recently went viral for their minimalist and modern Philippine accessories.
  • The inspiration for their business, Marharlika, began with the idea of combining traditional and modern aspects of Filipino culture.
  • “By creating Marharlika, it really helped give an idea that the popular accessories you see can be combined with heritage, which connect them to their families, culture, and histories. That is incredibly empowering,” Velicaria shared.
  • When asked about what advice they would give to those who looked up to them, Velicaria emphasized the need for “[taking] it one step at a time and [going] at your pace.”

Filipino American small business owner Mar Velicaria sat down with NextShark to talk about what their identity and online platform mean to them.

In February, Velicaria went viral on TikTok for their minimalist and modern Philippine accessories, garnering more than 1 million views on their most popular TikTok video.