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Hundreds of Singapore couples to tie the knot on ‘auspicious,’ once-in-a-lifetime 2/22/22 date

Singapore Weddings
  • Hundreds of couples in Singapore are planning their wedding for 2/22/22.
  • This once-in-a-lifetime date is considered lucky in the Chinese calendar due to its all even numbers, with many brides also convinced it will make the anniversary date easier to remember for forgetful grooms.
  • Almost 500 couples have registered for weddings on the palindromic date.

Nearly 500 couples in Singapore have registered to get married on 2/22/22, a special date that is believed to be lucky in the Chinese calendar. 

Although Valentine’s Day is often considered in many countries to be the most romantic date of the year, couples in Singapore are choosing 2/22/22 as their date to tie the knot since it will only happen once, making the wedding day feel extra special. So if you and your lover are one of them, it would be extravagant to have it on locations like the wedding venues in Flagstaff.