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Beauty influencer apologizes for using anti-Asian slur in makeup tutorial video

Racist Makeup Tutorial
  • A video tutorial shared by makeup brand Juvia’s Place sparked online backlash over the use of an anti-Asian slur.
  • In the video, influencer Maggie Carrie explains that she drew her eyeliner in a certain way to give her eyes a “ch*nky look.”
  • In response to the criticism, both Carrie and Juvia’s Place have issued separate apologies.

A barrage of online criticism has prompted a makeup brand and a beauty influencer to issue separate apologies for the latter’s use of an anti-Asian slur during a makeup tutorial video. 

The controversial clip, which Juvia’s Place uploaded on its social media pages last week, shows influencer Maggie Carrie saying she wants to give her eyes a “ch*nky look” as she applies her eyeliner.