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Steve Jobs Was a Total Ass to His Employees For One Important Reason

Steve Jobs was known for being many great things: tech visionary, unstoppable entrepreneur and sales genius. He was also a complete asshole as a boss.

He expected nothing less than the impossible from the people he worked with. He was known to be the kind of boss that would bring employees to the brink of tears. According to Business Insider, he unceremoniously fired the team lead who created MobileMe, Apple’s first attempt at a cloud service, in front of his team at a public meeting because the product didn’t meet up to his standards.

Apple’s Chief Designer Keeps This Motivational Poster in His Office to Remind Him to ‘Believe in Your F*cking Self’

Jony Ive, the Apple Inc. executive designer responsible for just about every Apple product you can name — and even that controversial cross lightsaber in the new Star Wars movie — was recently profiled by the New Yorker and he revealed a few interesting facets to how he works. Perhaps most interesting is the artwork he keeps in his office.

“Overlapping framed images leaned against the wall: a Banksy print of the Queen with the face of a chimpanzee, and a poster, well known in design circles, that begins, ‘Believe in your fucking self. Stay up all fucking night,’ and ends, many admonitions later, ‘Think about all the fucking possibilities.’ “