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Live-Action VR of Anime ‘Saint Young Men’ Has Jesus and Buddha Living Together as Bros

A preview of the live-action adaptation of the manga “Saint Oniisan,” or “Saint Young Men,” shows Jesus Christ and Gautama Buddha disposing of a cockroach inside their apartment in Japan.

The clip, which was posted on YouTube on June 20, briefly shows Jesus and Buddha, both the central figures of Christianity and Buddhism, respectively, trying to get rid of a cockroach without killing it.

There’s a Japanese Myth That Believes Jesus is Buried in Japan

There was a shepherd who settled down in a small village of Shingo in Japan’s Aomori Prefecture to grow garlic 2,000 years ago, according to Japanese religious writings.

Known by the name Daitenku Taro Jurai, the man is said to have married a farmer’s daughter named Miyuko, fathered three children and died at the age of 106. In the Christian world, he is more popularly known as Jesus Christ.