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Jamie Chung reveals she used a surrogate because she was ‘terrified’ pregnancy would hurt her career

Jamie Chung surrogacy
  • “Dexter: New Blood” star Jamie Chung, 39, has revealed why she and her husband, actor Bryan Greenberg, decided on surrogacy months after welcoming their twin boys in October 2021.
  • “I was terrified of becoming pregnant. I was terrified of putting my life on hold for two-plus years,” Chung told Today Parents. “In my industry, it feels like you’re easily forgotten if you don’t work within the next month of your last job. Things are so quickly paced in what we do. So it’s a compromise that we made together as a couple.”
  • Although Chung shared her experience with freezing her eggs in 2019, she kept the pregnancy private over the fear of being judged, as the stigma surrounding surrogacy is still pervasive in today’s society.
  • Chung is currently promoting the #PowerSafely Campaign in partnership with Duracell to help reduce the risk of accidental ingestion of lithium coin batteries.

After welcoming their twin boys late last year, “Dexter: New Blood” star Jamie Chung has revealed why she and her husband, actor Bryan Greenberg, decided on surrogacy.

Chung, 39, opened up about their decision to use a surrogate to deliver their twins to Today Parents, describing her acting career as a major factor.

Jamie Chung Apologizes to Henry Golding For ‘Ignorant’ Comment About Him Being Half White

In a series of recent tweets, Jamie Chung apologized to Henry Golding for her past comments over his casting on “Crazy Rich Asians”, the movie adaptation of Kevin Kwan’s best-selling novel slated to premiere on a lucky date.

Earlier this year, Chung told CBS News how much she wanted to get a role in the upcoming film, but acknowledged that it sought “someone who’s ethnically Chinese.”

Jamie Chung Goes on Twitter Rant to Clarify ‘Bullsh*t’ Remark About ‘Crazy Rich Asians’

Jamie Chung is clarifying comments she made earlier this week in a CBS News interview about how the casting of half-white actor Henry Golding in the adaptation of “Crazy Rich Asians” was “bullsh*t”.

In a series of tweets and exchanges with followers on Instagram, she says she was criticizing how hypocritical Hollywood can be when it comes to race, rather than the actor the casting directors hired.

Jamie Chung Calls ‘Crazy Rich Asians’ Casting of Half-White Actor ‘Bullsh*t’

Actress Jamie Chung has spoken out against the ongoing trend of whitewashing in recent movies such as “Ghost in the Shell” and “The Great Wall”, calling diversity in casting a “double-edged” sword.

Well, it’s unfortunate but it’s the reality of movie stars. They’re Chinese-backed production companies that are asking to put Damon in ‘Great Wall.’ It is what it is. It’s all about money and capitalism. It’s unfortunate because roles are seldom as they come already,” Chung, 34, told CBS News in an interview.

Jamie Chung to Play Blink in Upcoming X-Men Universe TV Series

FOX and Marvel are teaming up for a new action-adventure project featuring characters from the beloved X-Men franchise and Jamie Chung has been cast as one of the lead stars.

According to Marvel, the still unnamed TV series will be written by Matt Nix and directed by Bryan Singer. The main storyline will revolve around two parents who are forced to take their family on the run after discovering that their children have mutant powers. To survive, the family must team up with other mutants who are being persecuted and hunted down by the government.