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Jake Zyrus Breaks Silence on Transition, Setting Charice ‘Free’

Jake Zyrus’ announcement that he had changed his name on June 20 has been met with mixed reactions from fans and critics in the Philippines. 

While many expressed support for her coming out as a transgender, Zyrus has been the subject of cruel memes and insensitive jokes from local Facebook Fan pages. But despite her online bashers, Zyrus has kept his positive outlook. 

Beloved Filipina Singer Charice is Now a Man Named Jake Zyrus

Remember Charice, the adorable teenage singer from the Philippines who became a global star after an impressive international debut a decade ago on South Korea’s Star King? Charice, who identifies as a man, now goes by the name of Jake Zyrus.

The singing phenom, formerly known as Charice, could belt out Whitney Houston songs effortlessly as featured on the Ellen Show, Oprah and Glee. According to Rappler, the singer, who came out to the world as a lesbian back in 2013, revealed his new name on Sunday after he changed both his Twitter and Instagram handle to Jake Zyrus.