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Swedish Woman’s YouTube Video Attacked By Racist Trolls Over Her Husband’s Dark Skin

A Swedish YouTuber and her dark-skinned husband recently became the victims of vicious cyber-bullying from racist netizens after appearing in a YouTube vlog together.  

Markus, a Swedish man of Indian descent, is married to Moa, a Swedish vlogger who regularly posts videos about her life and family, according to StorypickRecently, Moa featured Markus and their baby daughter Mila in an adorable baby-feeding video.  

Asian Americans Now the Most Likely to Marry Outside of Race, Study Finds

Asian Americans have been known to have some of the highest “intermarriage” rates in the United States. Now, new research conducted on Asian American newlyweds has found that a significant number of them came from those with some college education, AsAmNews reports.

The study, released by the Pew Research Center on Thursday, revealed that about 29% of recent Asian marriages in 2015 were interracial, compared to 27% among recently married Hispanics.

Inside the Underground ‘Asian Men Black Women’ Dating Scene

When it comes to societal perceptions, Asian males and Black females typically get the short end of the stick. Asian men are constantly emasculated while Black women are masculinized in media, which by society’s ridiculous standards of beauty, are “undesirable” traits.

The negative representations have significantly shaped how society views Black women and Asian men, much less how they view themselves.