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Indian man wins 22-year legal battle over 25-cent overcharge

  • Indian lawyer Tungnath Chaturvedi recently won a 22-year court battle involving railway tickets he was overcharged by a quarter for.
  • Chaturvedi was traveling to Moradabad in 1999 when he paid 100 rupees (approximately $1.26) for two tickets priced at 35 rupees (approximately $0.44) each and only received 10 rupees (approximately $0.13) in change.
  • Although he told the clerk that he should only be charged 70 rupees (approximately $0.88) instead of 90 (approximately $1.13), he failed to get a refund at the time.
  • He then decided to file a case against the clerk and the North East Railway in consumer court.
  • Last week, the consumer court ruled in Chaturvedi's favor and told the railways to pay him a fine of 15,000 rupees (approximately $188) on top of the refund, amounting to 20 rupees at 12 percent interest per year from 1999 to 2022.
  • According to Chaturvedi, his case should serve as an inspiration to others not to give up “even when the fight looks tough."

An Indian man’s 22-year court battle against Indian Railways regarding railway tickets he was overcharged for finally ended in his victory. 

In 1999, lawyer Tungnath Chaturvedi was charged an extra 20 rupees (approximately $0.25) for the two train tickets he purchased at Mathura cantonment railway station.