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The best of both worlds: ‘Hannah Montana’ actor attending Jackson Wang meet-and-greet surprises fans

Jason Earls Jackson Wang
  • GOT7 member and solo artist Jackson Wang held a fansign meet-and-greet event on Sunday in Long Beach, California, to promote his new album “MAGIC MAN.”
  • Actor Jason Earls, who played Hannah Montana’s brother Jackson Stewart on the Disney Channel show, was one of the many waiting in line to meet Wang.
  • Earls and his wife Katie Drysen are both K-pop fans and have previously tweeted about the group Stray Kids.
  • Drysen also attended last month’s Head In The Clouds Festival, an annual music festival organized by 88rising, and watched Wang perform.

It’s the best of both worlds for K-pop and Disney fans as actor Jason Earls of “Hannah Montana” attended Jackson Wang’s meet-and-greet on Sunday.  

The fan event was held at Fingerprints Music store in Long Beach, California, to promote his sophomore solo album “MAGIC MAN,” which was released on Sept. 9.