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Woman Discovers Her Own Grandma’s Long Lost Muumuu in a Thrift Store in Hawaii

A woman from Kauai County, Hawaii, was recently shocked to discover that the muumuu, a loose dress of Hawaiian origin, she found at a new Salvation Army thrift store in Lihue actually belongs to her late grandmother, Florence Shizuko Kamei.

Shannon Hiramoto, whose hobby is to collect vintage muumuus, made the accidental discovery a few weeks back when she was at a Salvation Army thrift store in Lihue, Hawaii.

10 People Are Accusing Keanu Reeves of Being a Great Human Being

It’s no secret that Keanu Reeves has had a lengthy, fruitful career playing some of the most iconic characters in film. From Ted in “Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure” to Neo in “The Matrix“, Reeves has entertained an entire generation with his memorable acting skills, and with his latest project, the John Wick TV series, just recently announced, he’ll continue to delight fans with one of his most popular portrayals.

If there’s one thing that Reeves is known for outside his acting talent, though, it’s his huge heart.

Chow Yun-Fat Caught on Camera Cleaning Up Hong Kong Streets After Typhoon Hato

Legendary actor Chow Yun-Fat has been spotted cleaning up debris from the streets of Hong Kong in the wake of Typhoon Hato.

On Wednesday, a severe Typhoon struck Macau and Hong Kong, killing at least 16 and causing up to 8 billion Hong Kong dollars ($1.02 billion) in damages. As workers rushed to clean up the aftermath, a passerby noticed a familiar figure picking up branches and clearing them from the roads. The passerby pulled over to confirm the man’s identity, and his quick stop yielded a selfie with one of the most famous actors in the world.