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Taiwanese Couple Creates Awesome Cardboard Cat Forts That Cats Go Crazy For

An architect couple has started a company that sells cardboard box cat forts that you can freely assemble into anything your fuzzy friend would like. A cat tree? Totally! Kitty castle? Done and done. An entire feline fort? The sky’s the limit!

The idea to start A Cat Thing, a Taiwan-based brand for cats, began when the couple met their adopted brother and sister cats, Chacha and Lily.

Japanese Mother Wakes Up at 4 A.M. Each Day to Make Miniature Dollhouse Furniture

Meet Kiyomi, a Japanese artist and mother of two who can masterfully create perfect, miniature replica of furniture from the 18th century that goes perfectly well with old Victorian dollhouses.

Being a mother of two can be quite difficult, especially when it comes to time management. But Kiyomi’s case proves even more challenging, considering how intricate her hobby is and how it requires a lot of time to create even one piece of furniture.