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China calls for boycott of KFC due to customers’ ‘irrational and excessive’ purchases

KFC Toy Collaboration
  • Following a successful meal toy promotion with the Chinese toy company Pop Mart, KFC is facing backlash and calls for a boycott in China.
  • Reports suggested some consumers bought hundreds of dollars’ worth of the meals to acquire the limited-edition collectibles but threw away the accompanying food.
  • The Chinese Consumers Association Chinese state media called for a boycott, saying the collaboration was causing “irrational and excessive” purchases.

The Chinese Consumers Association (CCA) and Chinese state media is calling for a boycott of KFC after a collaboration with the Chinese toy company Pop Mart allegedly drove customers to waste food while attempting to acquire the collectible toys.

The collaboration between Pop Mart and KFC launched last week to celebrate the 35th anniversary of the first KFC franchise in China. The promotion offers customers one of six limited-edition dolls with the purchase of certain meal sets.