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MP candidate refuses to apologize after mixing up Asian Australian opponent with another politician

Fiona Martin Sally Sitou debate
  • Liberal MP Fiona Martin has refused to apologize to her Reid seat opponent, Federal Labor candidate Sally Sitou, after the latter accused her of mistaking her for another Asian Australian politician.
  • Martin had a heated exchange with Sitou during a 2GB radio interview on Wednesday.
  • "You found an opportunity and you couldn't run in Fowler. Kristina Keneally kicked you out of Fowler too," Martin said. Sitou, however, was reportedly not considered for preselection in Fowler, whereas Asian Australian candidate Tu Le was in September 2021.
  • "My opponent either has me confused for a different Asian-Australian, or she is deliberately misleading people. Either way, she should apologize,” Sitou tweeted.
  • “My record makes clear I would never direct a racial slur at anyone. There is no place for racism in Australia and it should be called out,” Martin wrote on Facebook in the aftermath. “I won't be distracted by desperate political games played by the Labor Party and its seat-shopping candidates.”

A Liberal Member of Parliament (MP) has refused to apologize for mistaking her Asian Australian opponent with another politician during a radio interview.

Liberal MP Fiona Martin and her opponent for the Reid seat, Federal Labor candidate Sally Sitou, appeared in a 2GB radio interview that later turned into a heated debate between the two candidates on Wednesday.