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Why some Asians say ‘Hope you get rich’ instead of ‘Happy new year’

hope you get rich eastern people lunar new year

There’s no celebration in the world like Lunar New Year — red envelopes, firecrackers, lion dances and people saying “Gong hei fat choy” in Cantonese or  “Gong xi fa cai” in Mandarin to each other.

The only thing is, those phrases don’t mean Happy New Year. It’s wishing you good fortune, wealth and riches. So when did Chinese people and other Asian groups start saying this phrase?

‘Protect Our Elders’ by Eastern People to Donate All Profits to Charity

Asian communities everywhere have been left reeling since the shocking and heartbreaking assault and robbery of an elderly Chinese man collecting cans in San Francisco hit social media last week.

please share this with your friends & family. this is so low, the older man was just trying to make ends meet for his family. he didn’t deserve this. this is ignorant, inhumane, & sickening. i’m praying for this man and his family. if you have any information, please reach out.

Meet EASTERN PEOPLE, a New Clothing Collective for Asian Cultures

There used to be a time where many Asians in America felt they had to hide parts of their culture just to “fit in.” Our ethnic foods “smelled bad,” the way we looked was always “foreign,” and many of us were pushed to assimilate into something that wasn’t true to ourselves. It’s time we get back to living in the best cultures for us.

That’s why we’re happy to introduce Eastern People, a clothing collective inspired by all the rich cultures of people from the East, designed by and for all Asians.

NextShark Launches ‘Yeet Hay’ Shirts To Relive Your Cantonese Childhood

“Don’t eat that! It’s yeet hay!”

If you grew up in a Chinese household, odds are this has been yelled at you while you’re eating something that probably tastes great but isn’t great for you.

Yeet hay, which translates to “hot air” in Cantonese, refers to foods that cause inflammation such as greasy, fried, and spicy foods or the feeling one gets after eating those kinds of food.