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Meet the Man Who Did LSD With Steve Jobs in College

Daniel Kottke was once a good friend of Steve Jobs. In college, the two friends experimented with LSD together, but as one of Apple’s earliest employees, Kottke’s friendship with Jobs crumbled when the tech visionary refused to give his friend any stock in the company.

In the early years when they were students at Reed College, Kottke and Jobs became good friends after discovering they both had read “Be Here Now,” a book about psychedelics and spirituality. They hung out and traveled together while regularly experimenting with LSD. Back then, they were just young college kids having fun and discovering who they were.

Steve Jobs Cut A Friend Out of His Life After He Accidentally Revealed a Personal Secret

David Kottke, an early Apple employee and college friend who used to drop acid with Steve Jobs, once had a thriving friendship with the iconic Apple founder until he accidently revealed a personal secret to the press that Jobs wished would stay in the closet.

Kottke worked in the garage that Apple started in as a technician testing circuit boards.  At the time, he was also living with Jobs and his then-girlfriend Chrisann Brennan, the woman who would later become the mother of Job’s first daughter.